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Call for Zine Submissions 


We are looking for submissions to publish in our new riso zine N.E.D.Z. (North East Dundee Zine). This exciting opportunity provides 16 artists with the chance to have their work riso printed for free and featured in the first issue of the zine. There is no restriction to what style of work can be submitted: sculpture, photographs, drawings or text – we’ll take it all (as long as it can be printed)! The selection will be curated as there is only a limited number of artists that can be featured in the first instance but depending on response more issues may be printed in the future… watch this space!

Sadly we can not pay submitting artists but instead each selected artist will be given 10 zines and a 10% discount on their next print order with Yalla Riso. To cover the cost of printing, Yalla Riso will keep 20 copies to sell at a price of £7.50 each on our website or at zine fairs in the future. 

How to Submit

All you have to do is email with a PDF of the image you want to have featured and a couple of details about the work. We have even made some templates (PDF and Illustrator) for you to build your submission  around – simply pop your work on each layer within the margins and send it over to us

Below are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Submissions should be portrait format (ideally A5 size)

  • Submissions should be a submitted in grayscale with the Pink and Black layers clearly marked. 

  • Submissions must include the title of the work, your name and website/social media details.

  • Please also include a UK postal address so we can send you the zines when finished.

  • Submissions must reach us no later than midnight on Saturday the 14th of August.



Technical Specifications


  • Size - A5

  • Edition Size - 180 

  • Colours - Black and Pink

  • Pages - 80gsm off-white recycled 

  • Cover - 170gsm off-white Recycled

Good luck with the your submissions, we are excited to see what you make! ​

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