How much does it cost?

Just like making prints riso is incredibly cost effective for producing zines, with the ability to produce hundreds of zines at the cost of pennies! There is still the inherent cost for setting up and making masters but this is largely mitigated as more is printed and so making each copy cheaper. Unlike producing prints, a lot more labour is incurred on our end as we have to spend time collating each print layout, cutting to size and then binding them together. All that is needed from you is a grayscale PDF copy of the publication in reading order separated into the different colour layer... If you need a hand with this don't worry, we are more than happy to help do this at no extra fee!

Want a quote?

Please use our custom quote calculator to figure out how much your project will cost. When you are ready just hit order and we will be in touch to talk through your project. Oh also, students and activist get a 20% percent discount!

Any Advice?

Beyond the information on our 'How it Works' page there are a couple of small notes that may help you with designing your zine. Most importantly is that your cover is counted separately (this equates to the front, back, first and last inside pages) – we do this so you can have more options when designing the look and feel of your publication. Another important point to consider is the paper you are using; all zines are printed on both sides so you are basically doubling the amount of passes on each sheet of paper which can become an issue when using 80gsm or 100gsm papers. For more information please refer to our 'Paper Stock' page to find out what each paper is capable of.

Still not found it?

Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for here, but if you email us at we might still be able to find a solution. We can also assist in the full design of any project for the fee of £30.70 per hour* if you want some extra support. Doesn't hurt to ask!

*in accordance with the recommend rates of pay by Scottish Artists Union