How much does it cost?

Riso is incredibly cost effective with the ability to produce hundreds of prints at the cost of pennies! Making masters and setting up for prints is the most expensive part of the process so the savings get greater the more you order. This said, we understand that not every project needs hundreds of prints, sometimes as little as 20 is all you need, so we have done away with price scaling and calculate the amount you pay based on the materials used. No hidden fees, just honest pricing!

Want a quote?

Please use our custom quote calculator to figure out how much your project will cost. When you are ready just hit order and we will be in touch to talk through your order. Oh also, students and activist get a 20% percent discount!

Looking for more?

We also offer are range of other riso print services, have a look below! When you find what you are looking for hit the order button get in touch and we can get the ball rolling.

Riso Bits Zine.png


We offer a completely customisable zine quote builder for your project


Riso Bits Cards.png

Business Cards

700 business cards printed double sided in 2 colours on 240gsm


Riso Bits Cassette.png

Cassette Slips

240 cassette slips printed in 2 colours on 190gsm


Riso Bits Flyer.png

A4 Brochures

500 A4 brochures printed double sided in 2 colours on 100gsm


Still not found it?

Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for here, but if you email us at we might still be able to find a solution. We can also assist in the full design of any project for the fee of £30.70 per hour* if you want some extra support. Doesn't hurt to ask!

*in accordance with the recommend rates of pay by Scottish Artists Union